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Thursday, April 10, 2008


My apologies for the lack of posting. On March 31st I lost my mother to a long-standing heart condition and I'm dealing with a sudden emptiness in my life.

A few days after my mother's passing away we had to take my mother-in-law to the hospital for a life-threatening case of flu-induced pneumonia so these past several weeks have been body, mind and emotion-numbing on me.

Both my mother and my mother-in-law lived in my home . . . and both are very dear to me. During the last few years role of mother and son reversed as I took on the role of caring for my mother . . . feeding her, helping her with her daily injections, massaging her feet at night and putting her to bed. It was a role that had become a part of my life and I enjoyed the time together. The loss is very great yet we had been expecting the day for some time. My mother had beat the odds of her bypass and lived an extra 15 years beyond expectations. When time came for the late night medic trip I honored my mother's request of no extraordinary measures. One week later, she passed away peacefully and pain-free with all her family . . . children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren . . . around.

My mother-in-law, fortunately, had passed the critical stage and is recovering from serious pneumonia.

My thanks to all those who have expressed sympathy and condolences. Your thoughts are very much appreciated.


  1. My sincere condolences. I had to go through something similar eight years ago.

  2. Anonymous4:42 AM


    I also offer my condolences to you, as I also truly know the journey you are taken, as I lost my Mom this last September. May you know this, as it was sent to me at my time of grief:

    God saw her getting tired, a cure not meant to be,so he put his arms around her, and whispered...Come with Me.


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  4. Emily4:47 PM


    I am truly sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to you as you mourn your mother. Thank you for sharing so openly. It reminds me how we all share what it means to be human.

    "The hardest part of loving ... is losing."