7-Day Forecast for Scenic Hot Springs Area (2,900 ft near beginning of Trail Head)

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Scenic Access

I do apologize to those who have requested access to Scenic Hot Springs and as yet have not received a reply from me. I have been basically away for the past several months while undergoing chemotherapy for mylogenous leukemia. It is only now . . . after this round . . . that I even feel like rejoining the world around me. I even feel good enough for a hike let alone going through months worth of email.

That said, Scenic is still there. The last reports I received said that the Lobster feed was still running cold due to the snow melt while the Bear Den feed was running just above body temperature. Since the sole remaining Monster Tub has been segregated into two pools . . . each fed by the separate feeds . . . one tub is icy-cold while the other is a nice soak during warm weather. Both pools do require some scrubbing, cleaning and tender-loving-care, though.

Over the winter there has been a lot of unwanted activity up at Scenic, including a lot of campfire building, which is expressly prohibited. Other than that, the site is in pretty good shape.

With snow almost completely gone I expect both feeds will soon heat up and provide a great soak!


So, the question of access. I can't possibly answer all the past requests I have received but as long as you are respectful and follow guidelines, I see no problem with a day visit to the springs. I do ask that you email me first and check this website to see if there is any on-going or planned activities by the owner that would preclude a visit. I can't promise a speedy answer with my time spent in clinics but a lack of answer or posting here will generally mean nothing is planned and a visit is okay.


  1. Notify us first to check for activities.
  2. No fires, no camping, no dogs, no firearms. No nighttime soaking. No motorized vehicles on the trail up. Please respect the owners wishes.
  3. Pack it out. Leave the site cleaner than when you went in.
  4. Keep it low key. Small groups, no boomboxes, etc. Drink alcohol responsibly, if at all.
  5. While nudity is normal at the springs and on the trail up, lewd or sexual behavior will not be tolerated.
  6. If asked to leave by the owner, Mike, myself, Rick, or Matt, please do so. We represent the owner's needs and know when a visit would be inappropriate . . . i.e., county inspectors assessing the site for permits.
  7. Consider making a donation to help offset cleanup and maintenance activities. Mike, Matt or myself would be happy to accept funds to buy trash bags and such.

Hopefully, I can get away myself and pay Scenic a visit soon. I miss the tranquility of the place and the friendly folks I meet up there.



  1. I was wondering where you had gone — leukemia! :( — glad your treatment is over and you are able to, as you say, "rejoin the world."

  2. Rick,

    Sorry to hear you've been down and out. Here's to your full recovery!

    I very much apprecitate the great effort you've put into Scenic and hot spring advocacy in general.

    Best regards,


  3. Rick,

    Gald to see your back. Hope you make a fast and full recovery. I know how you feel, as my health has stoped me from visiting scenic for some time now. Look forward to soaking with you soon. I surly miss the springs too as it was such a big part of my heart, as I know it is also with you. Be well my brother.

  4. best of luck on your recovery! i am having some problems with the email address. maybe you could send me a test email.
    i would like to help out if i can. maybe one weekend a month. i would like to do what i can and i need the exercise anyways :) i would like to go up this weekend june 26th,27th, or 28th. my name is jon black. i look forward to seeing the springs again. it has been about 8yrs!

  5. It's been several years since I've visited Scenic and had heard rumors that it had been shut down or was otherwise unusable. Is this true? If not I would like to visit within the next few weeks, probably early on a Monday (either July 20 or 27) Please fill me in on the current situation - thanks!

  6. Hello. May I please arrange a visit to Scenic Hot Springs? My parents took me there when I was very little and would love to see it again.