7-Day Forecast for Scenic Hot Springs Area (2,900 ft near beginning of Trail Head)

Monday, October 05, 2009

Trip Report

The following is provided by a visitor to the springs who asked and was authorized to visit this past Saturday.

Rick, we had a great time, the tubs and the site looked great. however a [eastern European ethnicity-deleted] dad and 5 teenagers showed up, without permission, I filled them in on the rules and how to get permission. but then on our walk down we saw raisin wrappers and empty water bottles all over the trail on the way down, and they were not there on the way up. we picked them up and put them on the hood of their car. so if you get a e-mail from some [eastern European ethnicity-deleted] in Lynnwood I would deny the litter bugs permission.

Well dad . . . and kids? Sound like you? Are you teaching your children to be responsible citizens?


  1. Despite my last name, it wasn't me :) I ran into a very large Ukrainian family once up at Baker Hot Springs. They were very nice. I get the sense this is a common activity back in the old country. Too bad about the irresponsibility at Scenic.

  2. Unfortunately there are bad apples in every group. There is a Ukrainian family that visits at Scenic every once in a while . . . I've run across them and they have yet to ask permission . . . but they are a nice group.

    Then there are the Ukrainian cliques (or gangs) of young men whom assume the springs are theirs and they can do as they wish. It is the latter type that we wish to be done with.