7-Day Forecast for Scenic Hot Springs Area (2,900 ft near beginning of Trail Head)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Scenic is conditionally open

We've talked it over and have come to the conclusion that the worst of the vandalism has abated so, therefore, we are going to allow access to the hot springs on a permission-based reservation system . . . meaning, read the Conditions of Access in the sidebar and then ask for permission. Help cover the costs of controlling the vandalism, etc with a contribution via the PayPal icon.

Conditions as of last Sunday: The springs are still running hot and will remain so until we get significant snow melt. Right now they are hot. The biggest obstacle is the hike up. The upper sections of the trail (from Rock Alley to the switchback) are steep and heavily ice-coated. If you do not have crampons please do not risk injury by attempting this hike at this time. That's how bad the ice is. As stated in the Conditions of Access you assume all risk with the full knowledge of the wilderness conditions up there. That is, assuming we have given you permission . . . trespassers simply get what they deserve.

Speaking of trespassers, the trail cam has given us some remarkable footage . . . much of which I simply cannot post on the blog. The trail cam will remain in place (but not at the pools) so consider yourselves on your best behavior (again, assuming you have permission to be up there).

Those caught trespassing will be asked to leave or turned back . . . or if deemed respectful enough, asked to make a donation on the spot to continue up or soaking. Those that ask in advance are asked $5 per person . . . those encountered on the trail without permission will be asked $10 or leave.

The essential rules:

  • Ask for permission and contribute
  • Be respectful. No lewd behavior, stay on the trail and pack out your trash (and then some)
  • No camping, no fires, no dogs and absolutely no firearms
  • Absolutely no night-time soaking at Scenic
  • Be prepared for changing weather conditions
Read the Conditions of Access for more information.


  1. I paid my fees, played by the rules and went up on Sat. March 20th, only to find a pool full of idiots drinking bottled beers in the pools, scattering MRE trash around the springs and all guarded by the most aggressive yellow lab i have ever seen. (also a 3 legged pomerainian running around barking at us too!)
    after sizing up the situation, and not feeling comfortable with the scene, my girlfriend and i had lunch, picked up some trash and headed back down the trail. i have never seen the trail with so little snow this early in the spring.
    (what a bummer.)

  2. Sorry to hear about your experience. This is what we are up against all the time and why we attempt to control access . . . and solicit the help of permitted visitors to let us know what is going on. Bit by bit we will win the battle.

  3. How do we know the person asking for donations is you? :)

  4. Seriously, this is a Catch-22 situation with a certain level of trust involved. You don't have to trust us and assume for yourself the risks of trespassing in posted private property . . . or you can read the blog, email us and from there make an informed opinion.

    You don't really know, unless you meet me or Matt . . . or the owner up there and we show you the recorded Letter of Authority from the property owner to control access at Scenic. In which case then, I suppose you would already be trespassing, right?

    How do you know the owner is the owner? Does he have to escort you to the County Assessor's office to prove he owns the property?

    The property is posted, the sheriff's deputy knows us, and if you see our vehicles beyond the locked gate you can pretty much assume we have the key to open that gate and get in legally . . . and that we represent the owner's interests.