7-Day Forecast for Scenic Hot Springs Area (2,900 ft near beginning of Trail Head)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Permission Request Template

Scenic Hot Springs
Request for Permission to Visit
(Copy this text and send it with your request, supplying the requested info)

Step One: 
Read the Conditions of Access following this section before asking if it would be possible to visit.

Supply the following information: Name of Responsible Party:_____________________________________________ Desired Date & Time of Visit:___________________ No of People:_________

Step Two: 
If the date you requested is available make a contribution to help offset maintenance costs:

A contribution ($5 x no. of people) of $___________ has been made,

And supply the make and license number of the vehicle you plan on using: _______________________________________________________________________

Step Three: 
We will email a digitally-signed Permission Slip good for only the day you requested. Please make two copies, carry one with you and place the other copy on the dash of your car. If by some chance you are unable to visit the day you asked for we will accommodate you at a future date. Contributions are non-refundable. By going through the above steps you acknowledge that you have read the Conditions of Access below and you accept them. You also acknowledge that you are 18 or over.

Conditions of Access 

Scenic Hot Springs is PRIVATE PROPERTY and you must agree to abide by the owner’s wishes, terms and conditions prior to conditional access. Application for a reservation constitutes acceptance of the following terms and conditions:

1) I acknowledge the rugged nature of the terrain I wish to visit and the nature of soaking in natural hot springs. I understand that the hot springs are not chlorinated and that sanitary conditions can not be guaranteed in such a primitive location. I assume for myself and my guests, any and all risks, implicit and explicit, while on the property known as Scenic Hot Springs. My guests, by accompanying me, acknowledge and accept these risks and likewise release the owner from liability.

2) Minors under the age of eighteen (18) must be accompanied by a legally-responsible adult guardian. Parents or guardians are responsible to control the behavior of their children.

3) No children under the age of six (6). Young children do not have fully-developed thermo-regulatory systems, making soaking in the hot temperatures of the hot springs a potential danger of hyperthermia or heat stroke with few warning signs.

4) The pools are for soaking. Do not swim or dive in the pools!

5) Do not soak in the pools if you have open sores, an infectious skin condition, or suffer from intestinal distress. These pools are communal and you have a responsibility to fellow soakers. Make restroom breaks before entering pools. Rinse yourself off before entering pools.

6) No Nighttime Soaking: Myself, and my guests will be off the site before sunset.

7) No Fires or Campfires: I understand that this is a fire restricted area.

8) No Dogs or other pets, No Camping, No Firearms, No Glass Containers, period.

9) Alcohol in moderation (preferably none).

10) My guests and myself will respect the site by soaking quietly and respectfully of other soakers who may be up there. We will stay on the trails and take all litter out with us, leaving the site clean. We understand that clothing-optional is the norm and accept that we may experience nudity in the pools and often on the trail up. Lewd behavior, however, is not tolerated.

Winter Conditions (Additional Requirements) 

During winter conditions the owner and the stewards of Scenic Hot Springs reserve the right to close access to the property when conditions, in our sole judgment, are too dangerous. Any guests who have reservations for that date will be given an opportunity for a future visit.

During winter cold weather conditions, visitors are expected to carry sufficient clothing and survival supplies in the event you are stranded by deep snowfall or a sudden change in weather.

1) Practice layering of your clothing. Do not wear cotton as cotton, wet, saps body heat. Wear a hat and gloves, as needed.

2) Carry three days worth of food. Keep yourself hydrated.

3) Carry at least three different ways of lighting a fire.

4) Carry your cell phone. It often works at the hot springs site.

5) Snow can get very deep at Scenic during the height of winter, making snowshoes an essential. Scenic also has steep slopes that may present snow-slide hazards.