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Friday, June 01, 2012

Coco Goes to Heaven

I lost my beloved puppy, Coco this last Tuesday and it has hit me particularly hard.  In memory . . . and to ease my grief I'd like to share this photo album of Coco's memories and of his last moments in the clinic.  There is meditative music with the full album here.  Or you can view the album less the music here.


  1. Anonymous12:15 PM

    Rick, I am so sad to hear about Coco, Brenda & I just a few months ago had to put down our beloved 12 year old malamute. I know how your heart hurts.
    May you find peace in all the memory's of your fun times, altough too short of time together. Remember at the Rainbow Bridge you all will be renuited again some day. Please (for your hearts sake) google Rainbow Bridge if you do not know what it is.


  2. Thank you, Chuck. It is hard bearing the loss of such a young puppy but we are comforted by thoughts of reuniting with him eventually.