7-Day Forecast for Scenic Hot Springs Area (2,900 ft near beginning of Trail Head)

Sunday, December 08, 2013

Scenic Hot Springs is closed until further notice

Due to some serious vandalism and trespassing, the springs sources and pools have been damaged and we deem any further requests inappropriate at this time.  We will not be accepting, considering or approving any visits to Scenic Hot Springs for the immediate future . . . until we have had a chance to assess the damage and make repairs.

ANYONE FOUND UP AT SCENIC HOT SPRINGS AT THIS TIME will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!!!!!!  We will be contacting those with current reservations to determine whether they can continue or need to reschedule.

It is a sorry state of affairs when a few worthless individuals can ruin such a beautiful place and force us to take these steps.  We ask that those previous volunteers who are interested in helping us keep an eye on the springs (particularly during the night hours) give us a helping hand.  We need to catch these mal-contents in the act of illegally heading up . . . and then have them arrested.  Any interest?  Matt and myself can only stretch so far.  Contact us directly at



  1. Unbelievable, I hope that they will be brought to justice.

  2. This act was unfathomable. Some people just do not have any respect. I hope things work out and this does not ever happen again.

  3. Have you opened back up yet? I We are coming in from Colorado and would love to stop here. We would be happy to help with anything you would want us to do. We would be there April 3, 2014.