7-Day Forecast for Scenic Hot Springs Area (2,900 ft near beginning of Trail Head)

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Successful Clean Up Event

Eight of us made last Saturdays' 'work party' and accomplished the goals we needed.

There was a large boulder overlooking the soaking pools that had made . . . well, at least Matt and myself . . . nervous for some time. The boulder was large . . . the boulder sat on a steep slope no more than a dozen feet above and away from the pool . . . and . . . it just made us nervous. Obviously it scared a few other as attempts had been made to secure its' position on the slope. We felt that that boulder wasn't going to stay put one more season . . . it was time to move it out of the way. Little did we know just how unstable that boulder was until we started the probing prior to removal. The boulder was loose and movable just to the weight of a volunteer. 

A tree volunteered to become a rail to guide the boulder downhill instead of into the pools. Once that was in place it took all of us with rock bars and shovels to urge the boulder loose of its' perch. Looked good except it caught up in two trees just below the pools and would have eventually broken loose and gone on down out of control. So we had to winch the boulder back uphill and out of that clutch of trees to roll down a pre-defined course and a safer resting place far below. 

If the video does not load you can also view it here:

Afterward, we soaked . . . checked out the trail of wrath by a four tons boulder . . . and enjoyed grilling burgers down below.  A very successful event ....


  1. Was up there today. First time in Fifteen years. Everything looks great. Thanks for keeping it going.

  2. Anonymous8:08 AM

    How does someone get permision to come soak

  3. How do we all for permission to visit?

  4. How do we obtain permission to visit?

  5. Great video. It was a great turn out and a perfect day to send a rock rolling. Great job!!

  6. when I was a little kid we used to go to the Hot Springs it was the first time I saw my first boobsmy father used to take me up there all the time I would love to bring my son there this winterand wikipedia says this is the only way to get a permit please if you're the owner or able to give permits will you please give me information or help me my email is