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Friday, January 16, 2015

Visitor Conduct and a Canceled No Nude Day

Update:  The original post was on the 9th.  This is an update.  The total lack of requests or interest in a No Nudity Day at the hot springs means that a no naked person day at the hot springs is a non-gainer.  This experiment is cancelled and Scenic Hot Springs will REMAIN 100% CLOTHING-OPTIONAL AT ALL TIMES AND DAYS.  If you cannot deal with nudity then do not make reservations at the hot springs.  If you disrupt or make it uncomfortable for other visitors to enjoy the hot springs, then you will be banned from the springs in the future.

A great deal of effort went into the Conditions of Access as visitors are required to understand and agree to them before any access is granted to Scenic Hot Springs.  Most of the "conditions" are there because of requirements by the authorities for continued access; for example:  no night time soaking or the limiting of daily use.

Other conditions address the owner's rules for permission to be on his property.  As the owner, he has the right to protect and control his property . . . so the no fires or dogs on property.

Then there are the cultural aspects of usage which dictate behavior while on the property.  The owner and his representatives reserve the right to refuse usage or access to those individuals who disrupt or 'ruin' the experience of other visitors.  Examples would be the playing of loud music or the consumption of too much alcohol at the springs.

Personally, I now understand the feelings of non-smokers being forced to  be in the vicinity of a smoker.  Please do not smoke (or light up a pipe of good stuff) before asking everyone present if it would be okay.  As a cancer patient I am extremely sensitive to tobacco smoke.  To me, it is an assault.  Think of others or risk being banned.

Nudity is traditional at most natural hot springs (and certainly at Scenic Hot Springs.)  If you have a problem with nudity please do not go requesting access to Scenic Hot Springs.  If you make it uncomfortable for other visitors who choose to soak the traditional way, sans clothing, then we will use all the information you provided to make your own reservation to ban your future access to Scenic Hot Springs.

Now, for those of you who are 'clothes-minded' . . . and can't bear to see another individual naked, for a limited experiment we will RESERVE THURSDAYS ONLY FOR THOSE WHO DON'T WANT TO SEE NAKED SOAKERS.  The calendar will be marked as "No Nudity Day"


  1. Anonymous12:48 PM

    Rick, Which Thursday of the month is going to be compulsory clothing day? Certainly you are not shutting down traditional soaking each and every Thursday???!!!

  2. The experiment is for each and every Thursday. Thursdays are underutilized . . . let's see how this works out and keeps conflicts to a minimum,

  3. I'm Interested in visiting for the first time but a bit unclear how to properly ask permission. can I get a bit more guidance, pretty please?

  4. I'm Looking to visit for the first time but a bit unclear how to respectfull ask permission. Can I get a bit more guidance?

  5. How can one request permission from the owner?

  6. How can one request permission from the owner?

  7. Meaghan, there is a Conditions of Access link in the sidebar. Click on that and you get all the info you need to request a visit.

  8. Anonymous5:43 PM

    Hey Rick, Bear here. I find it disturbing that Mike has decided to bow to the textiles that have a problem with nudity. If they are so prudish, then maybe they should go to Sol Duc. I totally understand his wish to be as open to all as can be, but come on, if they don't understand clothing optional that is not the owners problem. One another note, I hope the best for you and your treatments.

  9. Bare with me Bear. We needed to address an issue and resolve it. I think the responses behind the scenes in regard to nudity and the intent of the original post dictate the end of the offer and experiment and the 100% Clothing-optional status of the private property position are confirmed and the remain the position not only of the owner, the stewards (Matt and myself), and the overwhelming majority of our guests in favor of clothing-optional are the accepted position at Scenic Hot Springs.

  10. Anonymous8:24 AM

    [soapbox=on] Experiencing the springs is a privilege granted to the permitted visitor, And helping cover the springs' maintenance costs is an ethical obligation. The freedom for any textilian to soak covered up, however, is a personal *right* imbedded in the dignity of that visitor's personhood. Though soaking in a clothed state may seem a bit odd for Scenic Hot Springs, I would never so much as roll my eyes at another soaker's exercise of their right to do so. If that's what most enhances their experience, or if it's a dealbreaker upon which their visit depends, then God bless 'em! And bless the fabric that is so integral to their personal identity! All I ask is to be afforded the *same* respect when I exercise my same *right* to soak free of what - to me - is an ancillary and dispensable part of my personhood. [/soapbox=off]

  11. There's no nighttime Access to the tubs anymore? The best part of going up there used to be hiking up at night and staying till the sun rose in the morning it was awesome to watch the sun come up over the mountains at 6 in the morning after enjoying a night of conversation and good laughs with people you met and became friends with thru out the granted that WAS 15-20 YEARS AGO...but still people just h aveto a good time...Im gonna try and get up there soon.....I miss that place nothing but good memories!!!!!!!