7-Day Forecast for Scenic Hot Springs Area (2,900 ft near beginning of Trail Head)

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Scenic Hot Springs Clean Up Event Oct 17-18th, 2015

Though Scenic is private the springs rely on its' friends and volunteers to help keep the property clean and maintained for the enjoyment of lovers of hot springs.  The stewards now invite you to join us for one last clean up event before winter snows set in.

  • We will review and clear any culverts that in our opinion might lead to blowouts and damage to the BPA road surface and Scenic trail during the eventual spring melt.
  • Our hot summer and recent mountain rains have encouraged an explosion of vegetation growth both on the BPA road and alongside the trail on up to the springs.
This event will start on Saturday, October 17th around 11am and run through till the afternoon of Sunday, October 18th, 2015.  One party of two is already allowed but we will take no more requests on this weekend.  We do ask that if you plan to participate that you RSVP ahead of time as this affects our planning (including food to have on hand).  Unannounced visitors will probably be turned away as we do not know their intentions (freeloaders or trespassers caught or honest . . . talk to us).
Overnight soaking and camping as always for participants (let us know one day or both days).  Winter is setting in . . . mid October is when we see our first dusting of snow so come dressed appropriately in layers and always think . . . wet weather (have an emergency poncho in you pocket).  But lets pray for nice weather.
We need:
  • Shovels, azes, picks to work the cuts and culverts
  • Weed whackers, loppers, etc to clear vegetation
Lastly, why don't you bring something to share . . . veggie trays, fruits, cheese . . . get creative.

This event will be hosted by Matt and I will attempt to be there at my beloved hot springs.  More to come later.      Rick


  1. How do I ask permission? I'm traveling through hwy 2 & would like to stop by.

  2. Read the Conditions of Access in the sidebar. It contain all the information needed. If you'd like to join in on the clean up event, there is an email link to the blog post to inquire. Rick

  3. I am off that weekend and plan on being there. See you soon!