7-Day Forecast for Scenic Hot Springs Area (2,900 ft near beginning of Trail Head)

Sunday, May 08, 2016

Work Party this Saturday

Looks like we might have a pretty good turn-out this Saturday (May 14th).  If necessary, we will be having another follow-up event on May 21st . . . the following Saturday.

As I'm under a modified bed rest regimen following my brain radiation, I (Rick) will not be there in  person with you; but I will be in spirit.  I am going to spend my time sending out complimentary passes to those who  helped so much to get this repair effort underway.  And don't forget, work party attendance goes toward earning those complimentary passes, as well.


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  2. Rick, I hope you realize that the strong response to the work party and to the fund raising goal is party our way of saying thanks to you for all you've done for Scenic these past years. Last fall's damage must have really broke your heart. We aim to fix that and put a smile on your face. Everything else is secondary. Get some rest for now and know that we are also standing with you in spirit during your current battle.

  3. Scenic is a special place in all our hearts. I find peace and tranquility . . . and spirituality in the beautiful pearch of Scenic. I find friends that I would never have given a second look on the streets of suburbia . . . but we talk and talk for hours while relaxing in the tubs. Scenic is a little slice of Heaven . . . or whatever awaits us when we finally meet our Maker.

  4. I haven't been on here in awhile, but I think of it often. Rick, this is Thunder Mountain. I was just reading about your illness, I guess from your writings, the cancer is still requiring treatment. I'm deeply sorry. I've been back in Seattle now for 3 years, six months and 9 days, still haven't been up Stevens Pass since my move back from 10 years in Hawaii. I remember when I visited in 2005, you have me a pass to visit the springs, I hiked up in Flip Flops, not a great idea, but luckily they didn't break, it would have been a bummer on my trip up and down. I so much breathed in that life which you find when you're finally laying on the deck or soaking in the warm springs. Scenic and you have been a special part of my life, I'll never forget. So many memories, with so many of my Ex's have revolved around the Springs, maybe that's why I haven't asked permission to see it again. One of the Women, I was seeing, she's 'Walked on' due to Brain Cancer in Jan. 2013, but her young boys, are all now grown men, and all have enjoyed the Springs since 1997. Lots of great memories, including the 'Naked Gourmet' (Robert) was some kinda special. Keep the faith, brother. I'm sure glad, in my 10 years in Hawaii, Washington State finally legalized 'Bud' because that seems to help many a Scenic Hot Spring user. I've long given up my vices, which was beer, I guess we all eventually grow up, including me. I'll be 55 in November. I hope to make the journey soon over the Pass, even though I'll probably not take the hike, if I do, I'll write you and seek your permission again. Until brother, you're always in my heart, as is your heart and soul into being, 'Rick, banged up shins.'