7-Day Forecast for Scenic Hot Springs Area (2,900 ft near beginning of Trail Head)

Monday, June 26, 2006

Wanted to help but missed the last cleanup?

. . . here's your chance to help out.

Hi folks. This is Rick and I want to thank everyone who helped out during the last cleanup effort.

Mike is at the springs now attempting to clean up the brush and burn it before a fire burn goes into effect anyday now. He sure could use help up there . . . an hour, a couple of hours, whatever. This is not an organized effort by any stretch . . . if you have some free time and want to visit the springs, drop on by . . . hike up and find Mike . . . give him a hand getting this stuff cleared out.

The problem is that when the contractors do the trail improvement they will just push old trees and brush over the side and that makes for an ugly mess months later. Mike is attempting to clear all the brush and trees in the trail route and burning them before machinery does their thing.

Here's a chance for the old hands as well as new folks. Got a friend who has wanted to visit the hot springs but missed a cleanup event? Just tell them to show up practically any day this week and weekend . . . mention to Mike that they are there to help as advertised. They enjoy the soak afterward.

Please RSVP me at if you intend to help so I can keep the record straight for Mike.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Sheriff Deputy Called to the Springs

I've been informed that Deputy Harrington (based in Skykomish) had to go through the effort of hiking all the way up to the hot springs this weekend to kick two drunk trespassers out of the pool and off the property. It is unknown whether charges will be pressed or whether this action, started by unknowns, will have an effect of development plans. I gave Mike a spare key to the gate to give the Deputy Harrington so that he can drive onto the property the next time instead of hiking in.

The pattern has started again. If I catch anyone on the hot springs property that does not belong there I will turn you around . . . no matter how far in you've already hiked. There are enough signs posting this property as Private and no trespassing. Stay out! Keep your dogs out . . . keep your partying attitude out . . . keep the booze out. You will be reported! Period!