7-Day Forecast for Scenic Hot Springs Area (2,900 ft near beginning of Trail Head)

Monday, September 24, 2012

What if Scenic Hot Springs was like this?

A comment posted today to the Hunt and Kosh Hot Springs entry on my Clothing Optional map here:

"I just went here for the first time, directions are great, the road is now paved to bridge. I found the newly made soaking pool with a nice little deck and bench nearby, as I arrived a small group was leaving so it was perfect timing, but as soon as I got comfy in the pool, which was a perfect temp around 105, a group of locals showed up and were checking out the place then a couple came down from the hill coming from other spring and then the super tweaked out locals started yelling at them saying they "don't belong here" and get the F out of here, at the same time 3 guys showed up and were also yelled and screamed at same way, the couple leaving just ignored it all and continued on their way out, the 3 guys contemplated for a minute but the yelling and screaming continued until they left, so my friend and I who had been soaking the entire time were really weirded out and confused of what was going on, then the ignorant tweaked out locals came up pool we were soaking an d and started yelling and screaming at us and then threatening us, as we quietly and peacefully ignored their most ignorant comment sand threats continued as we walked on out of their. They continued on and on how those were sacred waters and we dont belong in them or anywhere near there because we were not from there. I have lived in nor cal my entire life and have been all over the world and I have never ran into such backwoods, inbred, ignorant idiots anywhere like these tweaked out locals! I definitely would not recommend this place unless you are ready for a confrontation."

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Clean Up Party Update

Looks like we will have a good turn-out for this clean up event so Matt and myself are going to pack in the grill and feed ya.  Burgers, chicken burgers, veggie burgers, salad (any other ideas?).  If you haven't signed up for this event, time a'wasting.  Remember, only those who have RSVP'd will be allowed on the property . . . no late-joiners looking for a free soak.

Want to camp overnight, help us set up the event . . . get in a great soak under the stars or simply learn how to make smores?  One or both of us will be at Scenic the Friday night before.  Let us know via email to:

  • Reline the pools
  • Make the trail between pools and the old latrine safer
  • Haul unusable debris from the area above the springs to a staging area lower on the trail
  • Prep trail for the coming winter and spring runoff
  • Clear powerline culverts where necessary
  • A picnic table?
  • Shovels, adzes
  • Work Gloves (I have some but I'm running out)
  • Something to share on the grill or snacking-wise
When and Where:

October 6th, 2012 (a Saturday).  We meet at the gate at 10am to be escorted to park in the clearcut.

Those who want to come up the night before make arrangements with us to get in.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Trespassers n Con Artists

The other day while checking up on Scenic I got taken into believing a sob story of an otherwise nice couple who, when challenged, said that they had emailed earlier in the morning and when they didn't hear back decided to head on in . . . assuming it would be okay.

Well, okay . . . they knew my name . . . they knew my email nickname.  Sounded plausible so I believed that they did in fact ask for permission and not hearing anything back, decided to take a chance that it would be alright.

First of all, it wasn't alright because they intruded on other visitors who did have permission.  But they were apologetic and contrite so I gave them the benefit of the doubt . . . and with the concurrence  of the other soakers with permission in the pool, decided to let them stay.

Needless to say, checking both my email and the Scenic email later found nothing of this couple requesting permission.  I even let it ride an extra day in case their request showed up late.  Nothing.  Nada.

So here's how we are going to handle situations like this from now on:
  • You are going to be challenged,
  • If you are not in the list for that day you will be asked for the permission email,
  • If you cannot produce the permission email we sent you, you will be told to leave right away,
  • If you do not leave we will call for assistance from law enforcement.

We take pictures of every car parked before the forest service gate as well as vehicles parked in other locations typically used by trespassers.  We keep a rogue's galley of probable trespassers for later reference, if need be.

Since the property is legally-posted private property we do not need to confront trespassers and ask them to leave . . . we can simply confirm for ourselves they are (or were) on the property without permission and call for the sheriff without having to confront and ask to leave.  Trespassers . . . you just may find the cops waiting for you down at the bottom when you get back!

There will be no more "on your honor" visits and there will be no more listening to sob stories and con games.  If we cannot connect you to the list of permitted visitors, you must leave right away or face prosecution.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Scenic Clean Up Event Oct 6th, 2012

Update:  A volunteer has made a generous offer to carpool volunteers:

I am happy to take 3-5 people (in addition to me) in my car (3 would be in  a sedan, 5 would be in a Suburban) to the springs on Oct 6.  I live in Sammamish, but could meet a 8 AM that day in any convenient place (Bellevue Park and Ride?).

If you are interested in carpooling, send an email to us and we will attempt to get people together.  Rick


There will be a Scenic clean up party on Saturday, October 6th, 2012 starting at 10am.

The pools will be emptied and relined during this maintenance event.  There are several other projects going on, including some culvert clearing and trash removal.  During this clean-up event only those involved in the work party will be authorized on the hot springs property.  Casual visitors will be turned away . . . and no requests for access will be approved until the maintenance is completed.

This clean-up party is a chance to thank those people who have, in the past several months, requested permission and been approved in advance of their visit.  It is a chance to get together help out the springs and, enjoy a rare opportunity for some night soaking, a picnic, and potentially supervised camping overnight while the clean-up is ongoing.

Those invited will enjoy the springs on us (once the new liners are in place).  If you have been invited to participate (and want to), please RSVP   If I forgot to invite anyone please let me know soon as we need a head count for the food.

As always, Scenic is clothing-optional and I will certainly be working on my tan lines if the weather holds.  Changing liners is a wet and messy job . . . there is simply not other way.  So feel free to be as comfortable as you want.