7-Day Forecast for Scenic Hot Springs Area (2,900 ft near beginning of Trail Head)

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Black Bear up at Scenic

A black bear
One of our groups headed up to the hot springs was spooked by the sight of a black bear on the property .this past week

Black bears are common on the lower slopes of the Cascades . . . and Scenic is no exception.  Bears are territorial and over the years the lower slopes below Scenic have shared the area with noisy humans and a bear just trying to get enough food to feed her cubs.  The lone bears . . . female . . . have denned in the lower areas north of the clearcut.  Every couple of years we are blessed with sighting of cubs or yearlings.

Momma Bear likes to either tear up tree stumps for insects in the clearcut . . . or head up higher in search of berries.  As an aside, the areas slightly west toward Scenic Creek have a bonanza of huckleberries later on in the summer.

Backwoods etiquette makes sense.  Scenic is back country and you should be prepared.
  • Strong scents and food odors attract bears. Perfumes and scented sun screens are a no-no.
  • Bears avoid the areas of the trail and pools - they smell us. Occasionally you might see a bear crossing the trail. The bear is just taking a shortcut when it doesn't think any of us are around.
  • Talk to each other on the trail.  The bear will here the noise and most likely be gone before you know it was there.
  • If you are feeling really nervous, invest in bear spray (available at REI  and other outdoors stores).
  • If confronted by a bear, stand tall, make noise, and slowly back away.  Do not run . . . that does nothing but excite the chase reflex.

All in all, bears avoid us (or ignore us) with a live and let live attitude.  Give them their space and you'll do fine. 

Monday, May 16, 2016

Scenic HS is Soakable Once More


You guys (and gals) are great!  A great turnout for the event to repair the storm damage to the hot springs.  We now have the full soak back for reservations.  And to the tireless individuals who solely made these repairs possible . . . there are complimentary soaks.  Details following to participants.

So . . . Scenic is open.  Go ahead with your requests.

Sunday, May 08, 2016

Work Party this Saturday

Looks like we might have a pretty good turn-out this Saturday (May 14th).  If necessary, we will be having another follow-up event on May 21st . . . the following Saturday.

As I'm under a modified bed rest regimen following my brain radiation, I (Rick) will not be there in  person with you; but I will be in spirit.  I am going to spend my time sending out complimentary passes to those who  helped so much to get this repair effort underway.  And don't forget, work party attendance goes toward earning those complimentary passes, as well.

Thursday, May 05, 2016

Repair Party this coming May 14th, 2016

The first of (we hope only one or two) work parties to restore the hot spring pool up at Scenic is planned for Saturday, May 14th at 10:00 am.  We need as many volunteers as possible to work together to get supplies up the mountainside.

The gate will be opened by Matt at 10am.  Those who have 4wd and some clearance may proceed into the clearcut.  There is some rough erosion just past the gate.  If you bring and aze and/or shovel, we can collapse most of the ruts so that normal cars can make it into the clearcut for parking.

Most of the effort will be physical by with enough helpers, very much doable.  At the end of the day we may be able to get a partial soak going.  As anyways, volunteers are welcome to camp overnight.

Please RSVP to  so we know what to expect.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Scenic Repair Goals and Thank Yous

Thank you everyone
for meeting our goals
Thank you to everyone who has donated so far to meet our estimated repair costs for Scenic Hot Springs.  The planned repairs are not complicated, but they are (or will be) labor-intensive.  So we also look forward to seeing many of you (donating or not) at the work parties . . . once we schedule them.

Meanwhile I am going to follow a suggestion from one of our regular supporters, Chris K., whom suggests I post an explicit reward list.  So, here it is:
  • Trail Detail (help with hauling): Comp visit for one
  • Two Work Sessions (on site help) 2 Comp visits for two
  • Three Work Sessions:  Season Pass for 2 (thru March 2017)
  • $50 Donation:  3 Comp visits for 2
  • $100 Donation:  Season Pass for 2
These comp rewards do not alleviate the need to obtain advance permission and may not be used on dates of Private Events, full capacity, or reserved events.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

An Appeal for Scenic Hot Springs

Scenic Hot Springs remains closed through the month of May, 2016.

As many of you know, the freakish late autumn/winter rain storms last year did major damage to Scenic Hot Springs. The torrents of groundwater produced by a series of torrential downpours coming down from higher elevations reeked damage to both the sources and the pools such that they are unsoakable in their present state. 

We have had a chance to access the damage now that the snows are finally gone and we have come up with an approach that will not only bring Scenic back to us but will make the soak even better. However, any plan we come up with is going to be expensive . . . so that is where you come in.

Donate to the Cause
Your stewards can’t handle the cost alone . . . we’re volunteers as well! But fifty or a hundred Hot Spring Lovers donating $20 apiece . . . or $50 apiece will help tremendously in reaching our goal of $1,000 to cover the costs of needed supplies to repair Scenic Hot Springs for soaker’s and hot spring lovers like you.

Natural hot springs within an hour or two drive of major metropolitan areas are few and far between in Washington State. Scenic (as it's name implies) is a superlative soak, easy to get to, and yet still a wilderness hot spring, and certainly scenic with it's view over the Skykomish valley far below. It is worth saving and only you can help save Scenic Hot Springs.

Tranquil, heated spring waters with a view over valley and mountain.
Won't you help brings Scenic Hot Springs back for enjoyment?

Volunteer to Help Repair Scenic
This is not what I envisioned for the first work party of the year but what better service to the Hot Springs Goddesses than to pull on a pair of work gloves and actually participate in hauling supplies, repairing, and bringing Scenic back. We are tentatively planning the first of a number of parties within a week or two (watch the blog for dates). Why don’t you volunteer for one, or two work parties . . . or all of them? Better yet why don't you volunteer AND donate?

What’s in it for You
• Scenic and all it’s beauty is restored for those who respect and honor these hot springs,
• Donors and volunteers will be given preferential treatment to access a repaired Scenic. Commensurate with the help or support received, Passes and Season Passes will be given to those who help the most.

Donation is easy. There is a PayPal link in the sidebar of the Scenic blog ( Simply click it and donate today. We must move fast as supplies must be ordered and the logistics of getting everything in place for a repair party planned soon.

Sincerely, your Stewards,

Matt and Rick

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Scenic Hot Springs is CLOSED for the winter

Unfortunately both of the hot springs pools suffered major damage just days before the Winter snow started falling. Because of this we have had to close the hot springs for the rest of the Winter until we can repair the damage after snow melt.  At that time we will have to HAND-CARRY all the supplies necessary to make repairs.  This cannot be done with spring snow still on the trail. That means we will not be honoring any request to visit Scenic. 

We have been receiving a number of requests to snowshoe at Scenic.  Might I suggest that the Surprise Creek area is a better choice for snowshoeing at this time.  We have had reports of jury-rigging temporary pools at the spring site with evidence of snowshoers involved.  Any tampering or modification of the springs just to satisfy a desire to soak regardless of Scenics' plight, will not be tolerated.  If you are caught up there without permission we will press 1st Degree Trespass charges.  Now is not the time to further degrade the condition of the hot springs with your short-sighted modifications.

That being said, I do appreciate all the well-wishing and offers to help out.  We will be posting several events this coming springs to repair and bring the springs back for your enjoyment.  Repairs are going to be expensive . . . if you would like to donate toward repairs we would appreciate it greatly.  And we will remember thos that help out.